Making Vows to YOURSELF!!!

We are well versed in making vows to others. The first time personal vows entered my life in a tangible way was before marriage.

To me a vow is something I am committing to no matter what. Through the up's downs and all arounds.

What about making personal vows, TO OURSELVES? We know we will be in relationship with ourselves, literally forever.

What personal VOWS will you make to yourself today? Make it fun. Juicy. Exciting. Make it serve YOU.

My juicy list so far:
1. Feed my wild fire --- my lioness
2. Continue to experience increased pleasure, joy
3. Keep creating a life I am dripping WET for
4. Show up authentically number 1 in my relationship with myself & others
5. To be a truth teller

What is ACTUALLY standing in between you and your desire?

Today - is all about your true desire ---jumping out of the hamster wheel and taking a look at the true blocks that are standing in your way. What is actually standing in between you and your desire? It's likely NOT your craft & you won't get this from institutions :)

Whatever your obstacle actually IS - is the meat, it's what you get to work with & that's why I love this work. No need to run from it or shame yourself for it. Awareness, acceptance, action--->change. BAM.

Let me show you what I am talking about.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts & your DESIRES.


Stepping into the POWER of your voice

Do you have trouble vocalizing yourself, notice yourself hiding from sharing or being visible. Feeel frustrated and have no idea where to start? No need to fight it!

The thing I love most about transformational work is that whatever is coming up is exactly what you get to work with. In other words - its not the obstacle to your practice, but meaningful information you get to listen to and play with - HOWEVER YOU WANT. I will show you exactly what I mean in this video.

Your process is personal, rich & can look ANY way.

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting to do what you want until you are clearer, more confident, prettier, more presentable, more authentic, more vulnerable, have more time, more money, more friends, until you have figured out the mystery, cracked the code etc. etc etc. Ugh - I feel you!

You can start now. Exactly, exactly, exactly the way that you are. The process will walk you to wherever you need to go.

Spiritual Practice - let's update the image

Spiritual practice can mean tuning into exactly what my body needs in any given moment. Many of us have images of men and mountaintops - perfect peace....

It's time to update the image. What about women, bleeding and menstrual cramps? 😉 😉

Spirituality is not battling your humanity, rather fully embodying it.

There simply isn't a way that your practice should look and placing a should on any part of our experience means we are at war with the many shades of being human. No more of that.

This morning my practice looks like lying in bed, feeling the intensity of my menstrual cycle, and breathing love into parts of my body that need some extra support. Being with the acne that bubbles up during my cycle. Not fighting what is. Wishing something different. Or waiting until it passes, but asking myself in this moment - what do I need?

Chances are your family (animals) & community will support your process 🙂

What is your body yearning for today?