What would it feel like to.....


Fully embody your truth & power

Experience unwavering clarity about your purpose

Trust your intuition (your gut) FULLY

Put your needs first (body, mind, spirit)

Show up authentically in all of your relationships (express your needs, truth & desires)

Create your own reality

Touch your inner FIRE

Be dripping wet for your life

Share your ir·re·sis·ti·bly human story with the WORLD


Now you're probably asking, who is this Rebecca woman? 

I empower YOU through mentorship and intensive coaching work to consciously create a life that is deeply rooted in honoring YOUR truth, desire, passion and yearning.

  I guide YOU to create an external reality that is in total harmony with your desire - and I teach you how to feed you beautiful, hungry inner fire.  

Are you ready to become the author of your destiny and to find deep joy in the process?

Did I hear, a HELL YES?

I thought so.

Your next step, drumroll please...

Email me (rebecca@rooteddreams.com) to see if you are ready to start creating your phenomenal life