Meet Rebecca

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I believe that all women deserve to walk this world freely, to experience our power fully and to live in deep expression of our truest desires.

I also know that most of us weren't conditioned to create the lives we long to live, to be the people we long to be or to feel the way we long to feel. More importantly, we are not designed to reach our fullest expressions in isolation. 

We need safe spaces to explore, express, release, claim and discover.

Because of this, I mentor woman to declare their desires - examine what is holding them back and to release that stuff! Together - we find immense joy, depth, belonging & deep satisfaction in the process. 


Why I do the work that I do, My story.....

Oh honey, where do I begin? In 2012, my partner of 10 years left.  I called off a wedding, graduated from my masters program, got a new job & apartment, got sober from drugs and alcohol, all within a few weeks. Within the next year I decided to come off of psychiatric & hormonal medication that I was put on when I was very, very young.

I grieved, mourned, blamed, ran, screamed & cried for what felt like a very, very long time. Somewhere along the lines, I realized that my partner leaving was the best, the best, the best thing that had ever happened to me.  I don't say that lightly! 

What I realized in time, was that I had used people & substances (and one million other things) to hide behind.  Underneath it all - I hated myself, I was living in denial, I was completely isolated from my truth, my desires and any semblance of community. I was in DEEP internal conflict & I was terrified to live. 

As one of my teachers says, change is inevitable - but transformation happens with conscious choice. I chose transformation.  I chose consciousness.  I chose to take responsibility for my life, my actions, my beliefs & most importantly my healing.  I chose to begin releasing everything that was dragging me down. I chose to believe that it is possible for me to live in my power, honor my truth and feel my joy.

And I know that you can to. 


My experience and interests....


I study & practice a wide range of healing and transformational tools and modalities including meditation, dance, energy work, writing, body therapy, yoga, ritual, creative visualization & expressive arts. 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design, a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Parsons, the New School of Design.  I am a Warrior Goddess Trained Facilitator and have studied and practiced group healing and transformation extensively. I am currently in the Sacred Depths Coach Training Program with Master Coach Joanna Lindenbaum.  


I love Expression. Color. Story. Abstraction. Nature. You might find me walking down the streets, earbuds on, singing at the top of my lungs.  I love dancing. I love creating. I love shouting.  I love laughing. I love painting & drawing.  I recently bought a new guitar and am excited to pluck away at it. 


I am originally from Syracuse, New York and have lived in Brooklyn for 10 years.  I visit the southwest often and am fascinated by New Mexico!  My cats name is Tulip.