i believe that all woman deserve to walk this earth freely, to share our voices loudly and to live out our souls mission completely and know that even though we have come a long way…..many woman still yearn to experience their fire, their passion, their pleasure in bigger and more expansive ways.

i touched my creativity and soul in a very powerful way as a young woman - it gave me hope, optimism and a sense of fierce direction but when i went off to college i picked up alcohol and people like drugs and hid behind them for nearly a decade.

somehow, people and drugs cut the teeth of real world living and the threat of exposure and i learned to hide, big time.

as my relationships began to fail and the drugs stopped working, i began a process of awakening. there was nothing to hide behind any longer. just me & this beautiful unfolding relationship i began to form with myself and my community of brothers and sisters around me.

i began to become truly conscious of my behaviors and actions and slowly (as I have shifted), I have felt the world around me shift dramatically - come into color, open and expand.

i knew as soon as i began to experience this type of transformation, that is was really my soul’s mission to share this gift with as many woman as possible.

i have studied transformational coaching through the sacred depths coach training program with master coach joanna lindenbaum, am also a certified warrior goddess facilitator, hold a bachelors of painting from the rhode island school of design and a masters in fine arts from parsons the new school for design.

my approach as a soul guide weaves together my own unique blend of gifts as an empath, healer, artist, nature mama, goddess & woman in recovery from drugs & alcohol.

i utilize modalities and healing including the law of attraction (its so true!), earth based healing, pleasure, creative visualization, meditation and Internal family systems.

during my free time you will find me dancing in the streets, meeting new friends, orgasming, meditating, dancing, making art, banging on drums, talking about consciousness and expansion, embracing and transforming darkness, feeding my lovely plants and my kitty tulip. I am especially fond of brooklyn, NY and the southwest.

my friends call me red :)