"When I think back to December, prior to making the decision to work with Rebecca, I was a completely different woman. I remember being hesitant, fearful and concerned. 
My experience from working with Rebecca was so transformational – I could never have imagined all of the shifts and changes that took place in my life – in all areas.
We did work I never knew was possible for me. I changed my deep inner core beliefs about myself, being an artist, success, money, relationships and my resources. I redefined who I am as a woman, an artist, a friend, an employee, who I am in relation to myself and the world. I literally shed and let go of all of the old ideas and my beliefs that were deep rooted in me from a very early age. I discovered so many things about myself and the power within me. Years of therapy couldn’t and didn’t give me what I accomplished with Rebecca.
I learned what self love really means, to me. I learned to be empowered by just being who I am. I was released from all critical and somewhat debilitating judgement on myself. I walk fearlessly confident in the world today. I have a different kind of relationship with money and finances today. I know what I want in a partner and have become excited about the process, knowing how I want it to feel and that I don’t and won’t settle for anything less because I am worthy and I deserve to have good things in my life. I came to understand what selfish/self-centered means versus self care and nourishment for the soul. Today I have awareness around my thoughts and the power that they hold. I learned about boundaries and acceptance, not just for me but with the world. I have been able to connect with my inner child and give her the love and care that she deserves. I have begun a journey that I never thought was possible. I take myself out on dates. I created a vision for myself that I am actually living and participating in. I connected with my inner self, God and the amazing woman I am today. Working with Rebecca and doing the work has been the greatest gift I could've given myself. What a gift – priceless!
The journey has been truly wonderful for me. It was extraordinary fun, playful and full of self discovery. Today I am anything but ordinary. Thank you Rebecca! I will always cherish our time together." Viva G.
__________________________________________________________ “Rebecca made a deep impact.  I don’t think I will ever look at my creativity the same. Before I started working with Rebecca, I had a lot of grief and doubt surrounding my desire to write. Since I was a child, it was my hope that I would one day write stories. Through a combination of circumstances and survival, my life progressed in a way that took me on a different path than the one I had hoped for. As I moved further and further from my desire to write, the more sadness and frustration filled me.
Rebecca reached out to me; she would talk about living a life that flowed downstream, that wasn’t such a battle, but more like an exciting dance with the creative process. I was skeptical this was something I could ever recover. I had started to believe that wasn’t a writer at all, and the sooner I could let it go and accept the harsh truth that I was not the creative person I once thought I was, the sooner the pain might go away. Still, I was so drawn to what she was doing, saying, and in our first call she gave me tools to speak from a place that I thought was long gone-- there was an enthusiasm and passion in my voice that I had not heard in a long time.
I was so excited to hear this part of myself again; I decided to try her program, and I knew from her willingness to share her own creative struggles that I could trust her.  She helped me uncover the beliefs I had built around my creativity and dreams that were stifling, but refrained from offering any fix all cure. Instead, she gave me realistic and achievable practices that would help me build new beliefs around my desires, maintaining a sensitivity to the fears that would surface. It was a challenging process, but in her intuition and understanding she held me accountable. I started writing again. I went from having given up my practice all together, to writing every-day, and picking up my abandoned novel. Even now I can't believe the speed of this transformation. Through her help, I recovered an essential part of myself I cannot live without.
Rebecca is not just a life coach, she is a soul partner who has the sensitivity, understanding, and experience to help you recover on a deeper level. She knows how to speak to the core, and then take practical steps so that the new inner beliefs can be supported by outward actions. I am so grateful to her for helping me find a new path, and new hope for dreams I had thought to abandon. Wherever you are she will meet you there, and in doing so help you to realize what it is your spirit has been longing for. 
I cannot recommend her enough! "- Jane P.
__________________________________________________________  “Rebecca has been a wonderful support and guide to me as a coach, teaching me how to work best with my natural tendencies while learning to gently push myself to achieve a more productive, fulfilling life.  I’ve known Rebecca for a few years, but when we met up several months ago, it became apparent that, while things were going relatively well for me, there were areas in which there was room for improvement.  As we talked, Rebecca clearly had the insight (and faith in me) that I could successfully set out to achieve those things.
When we began our work together, Rebecca helped me clarify goals and potential challenges, but as she gave me assignments, that’s when I was able to put the work into action.  She guided me in my progress, showing me how to keep the work manageable while achieving things I had aimed to do for, well, years.  Our coaching sessions were spent focusing on what I wanted and adjusting the approach accordingly, in a way that allowed me to feel confident about taking the next step in challenging areas of my life.
I now stick to a structured but flexible schedule, with room for change but enough guidance to keep me on task.  My life has taken a different direction than I thought it would on the outset of our work, in a way that feels more satisfying and appropriate for me than what I would have aimed for without Rebecca’s support and knowledge.
Rebecca’s coaching has definitely helped me become more driven and organized, and less stressed out about where my life is going and how to get there.  Now I have a definite plan with steps and action.  I feel very grateful to have worked with Rebecca and taken my life to the next level!” Katie W.