“Rebecca made a deep impact.  I don’t think I will ever look at my creativity the same." Jane P. 
When I was a teenager, I discovered painting. It was a portal into infinite possibility and a safe space to express my inner world.                                   No one at school seemed to be talking about that - art or spirit, intuition, healing, our rich inner landscapes and the wild wisdom and direction that artwork can provide -  deep down inside - I know that's what I was following. I was looking for my inner teacher, healer and guide. 
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At the age of 16, I created a self portrait that perfectly mapped my psyche - teachers were commenting on its technical attributes, but I was looking to resolve a deep inner conflict.  I felt lost in the sea of other peoples opinions, ideologies, dogmas and expectations.  Only a year or so later I drew myself floating in a sort of lovely energetic bubble (I had no idea what energy was! or boundaries).  It wasn't until DECADES later, that I was able to learn from the guidance of this early, early work. 
In graduate school, I began to create artworks about birth, death, regeneration and decay - falling into the collective.  In retrospect I can see that my works were not "about" these topics in a removed or intellectualized way - they were literally showing me a new way of being, an entry way into the spiral of living and our endless capacities to  die and be reborn, constantly. You, your life - none of it is fixed I heard. It is all impermanent. I was not just creating artworks - I was mapping out a way of being that would forever change me.  
Definitions of my own creative expression began to expand - I began to sing, to dance, to play, to write - to heal.  I fell in love with expression.  What a wild freedom.